How to Build a Fire (Boyscount Style)

Collect Sticks


​Collect some fine pine branches from anywhere around the house (do not break of branches, they are green and wont burn!): Collect 4 decent hands full of branches and then a bunch of thicker ones.



Take 3 sheets of newspaper and LOOSLY crunch them up; place them in the bottom of the oven




Place the fine pine branches on top without pressing the newspaper down



Light the newspaper in 2 or 3 places; if they appear to go out, blow gently on the paper

Build the Base


Once it catches, add some of the thicker pine branches and blow into the building amber

Wait ;)


Wait for 3 to 4 minutes. If the pine is humid, help by blowing some more.

Go for Gold


Once the fire is established add some small hard wood.



Leave the door of the combustion oven slightly open for more air to get in

Add Hardwood


Once going well, add 1 big hardwood block and close the door with the handle.


To adjust the air inflow, adjust the lever. Left for slow longer burn - Right for hotter burn.



Poor a glass of wine and enjoy the fruit of your hard labour :)