What to Bring for your Stay

Holly Lodge supplies:


  • Firewood

  • Blankets (Including electric blankets)

  • Quilts, Linen and Towels

  • Pillows

  • All cooking necessities

  • 49" Television & DVD player

  • WiFi internet & phone (free national and 13xx calls)

  • Stan.com.au, Foxtel Go & Pandora.com Streaming Video / Music

  • Board games and kids games

  • Lots of Books and National Geographics Mags

  • Marshmellows to roast over the fire

  • A cosy and comfortable cabin for you to enjoy


To make your Stay even more memorable bring:


  • Small kindling (wood to start a fire) if the weather is wet and / or if you arrive after dark. There is firewood and plenty of sticks round the house, but if it's late, kindling will help to get the fire going.

  • Really warm clothes in winter and even in summer

  • Food to cook

  • Wine

  • Yourself, your lover and your pet